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Direct Mail


Direct mail connects you with the customer

People love interesting mail

We handle your complete design needs, from concept to printing and delivery to your clients. A Better Copy offers the complete no-worry mailing services package. Including targeted list procurement with demographic selection to ensure you reach the potential customers you are looking for, as well as addressing and mailing.

Combine our design, print and mailing services for a great marketing campaign.

Major types of direct mail

Direct mail samples

The type and size of the mailing can vary greatly and often depends mostly on the audience and the budget. There are 4 major types of direct mail marketing pieces:

  • Cards and Postcards

    The simplest and cheapest type of mailing. These are two sided pieces printed on heavy paper stock. Cards that are smaller than 4" x 6" qualify for postcard rate postage which is even more discounted.;
  • Self mailers

    Like a postcard, but normally has one or more folds to allow more information to be sent at once. Self mailers can often include reply cards or tear-off order forms.
  • Letters

    A sales letter is drafted and each one is individually printed on company letterhead. Along with the recipient's name and address, the letter can have more personalized information like a greeting.
  • Dimensional

    These include tubes, boxes, padded envelopes, etc. They are often the costliest mailings to produce but yield the highest response rates. Giving away freebies in the mail is one sure fire way to get noticed!

How to make a direct mail campaign

There are four major steps to producing a direct mail marketing campaign:

  1. Planning and design

    During this first step, we help you determine what your offer or message will be and who you will target. If need be, our professional designers can help you layout and design the perfect mail piece.
  2. List rental and preparation

    If you are sending to existing customers we can help you export your customer file from your in house software. More often, though, you'll be mailing to prospects and will need to rent a mailing database. JWM Direct Marketing is a licensed list broker and can help find the exact targeted list.
  3. Printing

    We would be glad to be your one-stop-shop for your entire mailing. We can handle printing of the entire job.
  4. Production and mailing

    After the printing arrives and the list is purchased, we will begin production of your mailing. If you are mailing multiple lists, we will remove duplicates to ensure recipients receive only one. We will address the pieces and sort them for postal discounts. Once prepared, the mailing will be held until the exact day you wish it to be mailed, when we will deliver it to the post office.

Other services we provide

  • Custom Graphic Design
  • Direct Mail

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